Earn big with Online Fitness Training Degree from Wexford University

An associate degree is an excellent way to kick off an exciting career as a personal trainer. Earning your AA degree in fitness training with Wexford University will give you the needed skills and confidence to have a successful career as a personal trainer.

Wexford University’s online fitness training degree offers flexible and convenient scheduling for sessions throughout the year. The AA in fitness training program is specially designed for the aspiring fitness trainers and personal instructors.

The purpose of the AA degree program is to prepare students for an entry-level career in the health/fitness and/or wellness industries. Careers include personal fitness training, wellness coach, group exercise instruction and many others. The AA degree is designed to prepare students for higher levels of study such as BS programs in health, fitness and human performance.

The AA online fitness degree is crafted is a specialized way to cover every single aspect like Arts and Humanities, Kinesiology, Psychology, Nutrition, Natural Sciences and Mathematics and many more. The objective of A.A in fitness training program is to give fundamental knowledge of the human body and how it adapts to the stress of exercise, understanding of basic nutrition and its importance to health and wellness, understanding of psycho-social factors that affect an individual’ ability to achieve health and wellness goals.

Wexford University is dedicated to providing world class education through cutting edge technology offering direct application degree programs in an accelerated format with 100% online learning to save time and money. This university offers a different type of professional’s courses.


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Associate of Arts Degree in Fitness Training

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