New Workers’ Comp Clinic Coming To Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX – A new workers’ compensation clinic plans to open its doors to Dallas and North Texas residents, including federal employees, who are suffering from on-the-job injuries. The clinic will serve those suffering from chronic pain and other work-related injuries, with full-service treatment programs designed by a board-certified medical doctor.

The clinic is expected to treat a wide variety of work-related injuries through acute care, surgery and intervention programs, injection treatment options, chronic pain management programs, and prescriptions.

Area chiropractors head many workers' compensation clinics throughout the region. Unfortunately, most of these offices are not legally allowed to prescribe and distribute prescription medications, such as pain relievers for chronic pain sufferers. This often leads practitioners to refer patients to other doctors for additional treatment and prescriptions.

This clinic, however, will have on-site, board-certified medical doctors that are allowed to write prescriptions and conduct injection treatment therapy in accordance with state and federal regulations, along with additional treatments, therapy programs, and surgery consultations. The new clinic will be supervised by experienced compliance personnel and medications and prescriptions will only be issued where medically indicated.

The new clinic, expected to open in Fall 2016, will focus specifically on Texas Worker’s Compensation patients and Federal Workers’ Compensation patients, whose claims are processed through the Department of Labor.

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