Reduced prices and product innovations drive the Indian shampoo market

Mumbai, India – June 26, 2014 - Shampoos in Indian markets landscape are today looked upon as a regular necessity product, both among the urban and rural sections. Shampoos in India are categorized as Herbal, Anti-Dandruff and Cosmetic, as suggested by a research on the shampoo industry in India. It is estimated that both the premium and the reasonably-priced shampoos will witness growth in the next few years given their high demand amongst the all sections of the society today.

This report: Shampoo Market in India to 2017 highlights the key factors which drive the market, market trends and challenges which thwart this market segment. The report analyzes the current market conditions and provides valuable insights on the prevalent market as well as its prospects.  


Key drivers of the market

Research of the Indian market indicates that nowadays every family member utilizes one shampoo instead of the traditional custom wherein the entire family used a single shampoo. This significant change in the consumption pattern has given rise to a transition in the urban shampoo market and is driving the market towards a steady pace of growth. Additionally, this trend is also encouraging an increased number of shampoo companies to enter the industry, given that there is enough demand both from the urban and rural populations. The existing brands are doing well in the Indian marketplace, having adopted smart policies like minimized prices, product innovations, intelligent product promotions and re-branding measures. One-time sachets introduced by brands are immensely popular in rural areas and have been driving sales volumes.


Significant market trends

Studies conducted on the Indian shampoo market indicates that the sachet market is popular in southern India, in a sharp contrast to the north Indian regions where shampoo bottles rule the market. According to shampoo industry statistics, despite having witnessed a steady growth so far, this sector is expected to face intense competition in the following years given the current consumption patterns wherein consumers frequently change their brand preferences. Moreover, given the number of choices customers today have in terms of brands, customer loyalties in this segmented market is a far-off dream.


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