The "Cleaner to the Pros" Keith Middlebrook has received yet another outstanding endorsement from a different federal employee.  This time Mark Meridith, Homeland Security Investigations Agent, has published a letter outlining his experience with Mr. Keith Middlebrook, owner of Elite Platinum Portfolios and FICO Financial Services.  

Read the full letter of endorsement below:

Dear Keith,

As a 20-year law enforcement officer, I know the impact my background and credit profile can
have on my career. A serious on duty injury sidelined me for almost a year and
made it impossible for me to keep up with my financials. My once 750+ score
fell to the low 400’s-500’s. My security clearance was coming up for renewal
and I knew that my credit score could cause me to lose my clearance. I felt all
hope was lost in keeping the career I worked so hard to achieve. I tried two
other credit repair companies that offered possible results in “typically 6-12
months”. I definitely did not have the time to wait for “possible” results. I
felt utterly defeated knowing that the years I spent to obtain my position in
law enforcement could be ended because of my credit report.  

Another law enforcement family member referred to us Keith Middlebrook at Fico 911. I did
not hesitate to call and spoke to Keith Middlebrook. His services are a
definite GAME CHANGER! Not only did he start work on my case right away, but
the results came just as fast. He was able to obtain deletions off my credit
report in just a few DAYS! He has transformed our lives with his commitment to
helping people in my situation. In less than a month’s time, I passed my
security clearance without question.

Mr. Middlebrook makes the impossible POSSIBLE! I highly recommend Fico 911 to anyone who needs
help and NOT empty promises. Law enforcement can rely on Fico 911 to ensure
that credit reports will not be an issue with security clearances. I know my family
will forever be indebted to Keith. His diligence and commitment to excellence
saved our family and has allowed me to continue my commitment to keeping our
public safe. The sincerest THANK YOU!

M. Merideth

Special Agent

Homeland Security

*Click the image below to see the full letter in it's entirety.