Greyscale Goods Launches To Revolutionize Shopping For The Tomboy Customer

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October 6, 2014                                                             

Los Angeles based startup curates the best of gender­neutral apparel and sends it directly to your doorstep.

Los Angeles, Ca. – Greyscale Goods ( announced the official launch of a kickstarter campaign to fund their shopping service for “greyscale” clients. Greys Goods is defining a whole new category of shopper who do not identify with traditional men’s women’s clothing departments.

The retail platform that Greyscale Goods proposes will mix the convenience of subscription commerce with the customized touch of a personal stylist, utilizing the power of the internet t bring the benefits of personal shopping to the masses. It revolutionizes the way a customer perceives shopping, with fashion experts to help determine clothing needs based on a profil filled out by the customer. Upon signing up for the service, Greyscale Goods members recei interactive advice from an assigned stylist to guide them through the shopping process, eliminating the hassle and stress of a traditional shopping experience. An expert will then se out a variety of hand­picked items based on personal preferences such as personality, profession, budget and lifestyle.

“Through my experiences as a personal stylist, I have found that there is currently a gaping in the offerings of traditional retailing. The dichotomy that exists between traditional men's an women's departments in stores is no longer relevant to so many of today's customers,” says Sara Medd, Founder and CEO of Greyscale Goods. “Traditional clothing store departments polarizing for many customers. Personal style is so much more complex than black and whit and we believe that there is an entire scale of style that exists in­-between traditional men’s a women’s styles. Style exists in many shades of grey, and we want to neutralize this area ­­ t allow customers to explore style that exists beyond labels. Our current culture has gelled the lines of gender, and we are embracing and celebrating that within the context of clothing.”

Greyscale Goods is based on relationship­ building through creating a personal, professional one­ on­ one shopping experience for all customers. The Kickstarter campaign will come to a close on October 31, 2014 and can be found here:


                                 Founded in 2014, Greyscale Goods is based in Los Angeles, Ca.