Environment-Friendly Lawn Care Solutions by Edge Pest Control

Edge Pest Control, a trusted pest control service provider in the United States, offers environment-friendly lawn care solutions. The company discusses their services on their website.

[DENVER, JUNE 25, 2014] – Edge Pest Control, a leading provider of pest control services in the United States, supports the preservation of the environment through green lawn care solutions. The company tailors their methodology, from the products to the service schedule, providing the best solutions for their clients. They ensure that they employ lawn care treatment that exceeds the expectations of their clients.

Benefits of Green Lawn Care Services

According to Edge Pest Control, they do not offer different plans, but a single plan for a competitive price. This assures clients with focused services that value the time and money of their clients. With a slow-release liquid nitrogen-based formula, they apply treatment to the client’s lawn, ensuring its optimal health. They also apply a liquid based formula evenly to prevent burning the clients’ lawn. Dedicated to quality service, the company provides fertilizer solutions formulated from the finest products available to develop a strong and healthy lawn throughout the year.

The company uses an iron based formula that provides the clients’ lawn the ability to become and stay vibrant green. They aim to provide clients with the perfect shade of green, making the lawn healthy internally and visually appealing.

Complete Lawn Care Solutions

Apart from the green lawn care solutions, the company offers a micro-nutrient pack that boosts lawn health through vitamins and minerals. These nutrients go deeper into the grass root systems to produce the highest quality turf possible. They also provide targeted weed control that eliminates weeds and prevents them from growing back. With a targeted formula, the company assures clients with constant monitoring of the clients’ lawn, keeping off grubs feeding on the lawn and killing large patches of turf.

Striving to provide a complete suite of services, they conduct a full inspection of the lawn along with other external parameters, such as climate, soil condition, root health along with weed potential and water conditions.

As a leader in the pest control industry, Edge Pest Control provides quality services to a range of clients in need of tailored and environment-friendly lawn care solutions.


Edge Pest Control has been a trusted pest control service provider in the United States since 2008. The company provides clients with a range of pest control services, from residential to commercial solutions. Through a talented and highly-skilled team of specialists, they strive to meet and even exceed the expectations of clients by producing the ultimate packages for pest control. Committed to excellence, they have expanded the business by opening offices in Austin, Texas, Kansas City, and Salt Lake City in Utah.

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