Operatic Duo Delves into Past, Present, Future of Music

Operatic Duo Creates New Path with Past, Present, Future Music

With two feet in a proverbial 1875, two feet in 1975 and their minds in 2075, operatic duo Gulley/Granner, aka Ben Gulley and Nathan Granner are building a bridge to the future by juxtaposing Opera/Art Song with Jazz and Hip-Hop. More than the ubiquitous Classical Crossover and Popera, it is an extension of post-modernism and classic performance... and you can dance to it.

We are all moving into a different epoch as humanity crosses even more into the world of future technology. As reality speeds closer to science fiction (and in some cases surpasses even our past modern future prognostications) there is a true need to bring our cultural heritage along in its purest form. Due to the vast digital archiving that must be done, perspective and past lessons, the experience of billions of lifetimes are at risk of not making it late into the 21st Century.

It's not just the information we lose, it is also the feeling. What experiences did our predecessors have when they made the myriad discoveries that brought us to today and continue to inspire us into the future. Excitement, fear, joy are things we need to remember in equanimity with pure data storage.

In this era of consolidation, when we must pare down Twitter posts to save time, it does not cut it that the world of Classical Culture repeatedly gives the same museum piece performances and exhibitions. Certainly we all want to learn and have context, but we also want to be moved and see different great works. How many times have we seen the black and white tuxedo the sparkly concert dress pulled out for another staid conservative accurate performance of "Nessun Dorma" or "Glitter and be Gay?" Where's the life? Another question is just what does classical music become in say, 2075? What composers make the cut, who stays behind? 

To top it off, there are new composers and great works being written that will rarely see the light of day. Pieces sometimes become great on the second, third, seventh go around. Look at some compositions of legendary artist Sting. Sure there are the popular hits, but dive into some of his deeper repertoire and those obscure songs that need a few listens end up being classics. Will it work? We do not know. But they seem hell-bent on giving it a whirl.

First they have some benchmarking to do. No one likes those who take the shortcut, so Gulley/Granner will first record a new album of straight up opera. They want to make it clear that they are every bit as serious about performing classical music as they are with creating a new feel with it.

They make this compelling argument for their style; "Classical music, as it is written is music that not only has stood the test of time as some of the greatest music ever written, but just as important is the fact that to perform this music straight up is a direct conduit into the lives of people who lived before us. This is what they heard. Their experience in performing the same notes and hearing them is as profound and as close to time travel that we have as human beings. In 2075 when we can upload our brains into objects and have conversations with people no longer on earth without being able to tell the difference, we must remember our ancestors, the vast majority of whom passed away in mundane anonymity. Music, Art are sometimes all we have to go on to remember who we were. AND to combine these past present future experiences, we become stronger and retain our compassion as we soar into space on epic journeys, sometimes never to return."

Stay tuned as GulleyGranner gear up for this journey.