NEW Water Dispenser - Quick, Clean & Green

Introducing a new line of water dispenser with bottle filling station which provide convenience to the user. The new water dispenser providing a rapid fill of filtered water to quench thirst and minimise the usage of plastic bottle waste in the environment!

The GREAT NEW features:

Energy SavingImproved Energy
EfficiencyProviding schedule to turn off the refrigeration during times of non-use to save on energy costs while continuing to dispense ambient water to the user

Maintenance Free
These unit review their systems to ensure they are operating within normal operating levels. They provide assistance to make maintenance easier for troubleshooting with the features of scrolling alerts that appear on the visual display for any issue arise. Visual filter monitor provide indication of the filter status and hence it is easily to be maintained for ensuring quality drinking water.

New Lighting
LED light is added to the viewing area which encourage use, assist with filling dark bottles and illuminates dark hallways.

QUICKCLEAN & GO GREEN – Bottle Filling Station

  • QUICK filling with 3 times faster than a standard drinking fountain and with laminar flow to ensure no water splashing in order to prevent introduction of water-borne bacteria into your drinking water while using the bottle filling station.
  • CLEAN operating with sensor activated provide touches sanitary operation with an automatic 20-second shut-off timer. Antimicrobial Components also help to prevent the growth of mood and mildew.
  • GREEN environmental product with visual display to indicate the number of plastic bottle saved for every filling up and hence help to protect the environment from plastic bottle pollution.

Green Energy - Wind Mill

Surface mounted model can be used in location with limited wall depth or in conjunction with a fountain or remote chiller. It come available with electric display and mechanically activated version with battery-powered green counter and visual filter monitor. Full stainless steel construction is not only durable but also easy to be cleaned and it comes with vandal-resistant bubbler and push button activated bottle filler.

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