Vemma® Invests in Cutting-Edge Training for Affiliates by Partnering With Acclaimed Peak Performance Coach Rex Crain

Weekly personal development training program for Vemma Affiliates launches August 14.

TEMPE, Ariz., Aug. 12, 2014  -- Vemma is stepping up its game and bringing in yet another heavy-hitting personal development trainer to continue its strong commitment to helping Vemma Affiliates grow personally and professionally.

Starting August 14, Affiliates will be able to soak in cutting-edge training through a special online program called U Power, featuring acclaimed speaker, author, peak performance coach and consultant to Fortune 500 companies, Rex Crain. Crain is also well known among professional athletes, Olympians, entertainment executives and celebrities, who turn to him for inspiration and action steps for overcoming obstacles and achieving their best results.

Vemma's U Power training program will utilize Crain's knowledge, expertise and passion to help Vemma Affiliates achieve their full potential and become stronger leaders. Crain will also provide business success tips, results-oriented activities and business strategies — all while inspiring Vemma Affiliates to discover and develop their own unique qualities of greatness.

The weekly online training series will be streamed live on Google+ at no cost to Vemma Affiliates. Sessions will also feature special guest appearances by clients who have experienced success through Crain's coaching. Video clip excerpts from the training will be posted on Vemma's Google+ page each week.

About Rex Crain
Rex Crain is an acclaimed speaker, writer and peak performance coach. He has motivated and empowered people from all walks of life, from athletes, entertainment industry executives and celebrities, to adults and children in the most deprived places of our world. Rex has devoted the last 16 years of his life to helping people discover and develop their own unique qualities of greatness. He is considered one of the nation's top leaders in peak performance coaching and is the founder of Divine Effexx, which is committed to assisting people in achieving personal and professional mastery.

About Vemma
Founded in 2004 by BK Boreyko and his two sisters, Karen and Lauren, Vemma Nutrition Company enjoyed $100+ million growth last year as one of the premier industry leaders specializing in premium liquid nutrition. Every month, tens of thousands of new customers experience the positive difference of the clinically studied Vemma Formula. The Vemma brands include the clinically studied Verve® healthy energy drink and Vemma Bod-e®, a weight loss line. Vemma is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, and distributes its products through global affiliate marketing. For more information, please visit

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