Blogger Diane Villa Joins New Dating Safety Site Xoxy

December 22, 2014 - Scottsdale, AZ - Blogger Diane Villa has chosen a new dating site – Xoxy. After a tumultuous journey back down the dating path, all of which was carefully documented on her blog, Villa chose Xoxy as her best option to help her find the right relationship to meet her needs.

The Xoxy Difference

Xoxy is one of several new dating sites to hit the market today, but it has a slightly different take on the scene. With a careful focus on health and safety above everything else, it’s the only one that protects its members against convicted felons, sex offenders, and STDs. For many, that distinction is essential.

“The world of dating sites is undeniably overcrowded these days, and finding the right one, especially when you’re back in the world of dating after what seems like a lifetime is difficult,” said Villa. “I talked to a lot of people about dating online before I took the plunge, and safety meant everything to me, so after a couple of misses, I chose, and I couldn’t be happier.”

Xoxy is just as accessible as other sites too. Log on from your home computer, tablet, or smartphone app to review profile matches and chat with other site members. With all of the advantages of other sites minus the risks, it’s an easy decision for many, including Villa.

“Once I saw what Xoxy had to offer, I was sold. Even after a few bad experiences with other sites, I can tell this one is completely different,” said Villa.

Villa’s Journey

Villa wasn’t an easy sell. Her blog – Singles Dating Advice Blog – is one she started earlier this year. An empty-nester ready to find a relationship now that her kids are gone, Villa has been polling, v-logging, and more in a search for the right dating advice.

“When I got ready to date again, I just needed an outlet that would let me see what was out there and connect with others. The blog seemed like a perfect idea, and I know it’s helped others as much as it’s helped me,” said Villa.

Packed with information, it’s the best place online for singles to find advice, and Villa is working to turn many of her interviews and snippets into an ebook for other singles making the same journey.

Villa’s Xoxy choice is a surprise given her first few experiences. The first sites she joined just didn’t work out for her, so to go back into the waters is a big surprise to many readers.

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