Pregnancy And Delivery Information That Every Women Must Know Before Conceive

Pregnancy is the period in which there is fertilization and development of fetus or an embryo in women's Uterus to produce off-springs. Absence of menstrual cycle is marked as first symptom of pregnancy along with breast changes, nausea and tiredness, late pregnancy shows symptoms like heartburn, hemorrhoids, sleeplessness and swelling of ankles, fingers etc. Period of pregnancy gets over in 38 weeks after conception with child birth, in woman having menstrual cycle length of four weeks pregnancy is 40 weeks long from the starting date of last menstrual cycle.

Medically, entire period has been divided into three trimesters with each being of approximately thirteen weeks. The first trimester is regarded as most troubling because women body experiences many changes which can be irritating and troubling in the beginning, this trimester is also considered as most delicate period, chances of miscarriages are highest during this period. Women during first trimester may face symptoms like mood swings, too frequent urination, cravings or distaste for certain foods, upset stomach, constipation, vomiting and nausea. In second trimester symptoms of first trimester start to go away but new ones come up. Pregnant women have enlarged belly, considerable growth in weight, patches of dark skin on forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, upper lip and numb or tingling hand. 

Due to growing weight swelling at ankles, fingers and face can occur; itching in abdomen, palms, soles of the feet and darkening skin around nipples and stretch marks also start to show up. By the end of this trimester baby starts moving which can cause body-aches, backaches, and feeling of movements inside the belly. Third trimester is reckoned as home run, symptoms remain almost same apart from shortness of breath, discomfort due to growing size of belly and trouble in sleeping due to frequent movements of the baby. Some women face heartburn and leaking nipples with watery pre-milk. Contractions can be sign of false or real labor. 

Pre-labor signs mark beginning of delivery of child. Some of the signs like blood secreting with vaginal discharge suggest that delivery will occur within next 24 hours but still it can take few days. Doctors after examining female genitals can give date of child-birth but exact calculation or assumption is not possible in most of the cases. Women experience contractions after Sixth month of pregnancy regarded as false labor, these contractions when occur near due date and grow longer, stronger and frequent signify true labor. 

Increasing pressure on pelvic region and rectum, rupture of membranes like water break are other signs of labor which signify that mother is ready to deliver the child. Some women during true labor may become fatigued and some energetic, strange urges like cleaning the house or washing dirty clothes also come up in some women during true labor. Women who take proper

care, exercise and eat nourishing and balanced diet have smooth delivery without any problems.

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