'Dolphin Island' is Part One in 'The Adventures of Marc Lonergan' Anthology

'Dolphin Island' - MEMOIR OF A PROTECTOR - Part One

As a Boy - (iBook - Kindle OCT 2015)- Coming Soon with link to iTunes!

Paperback - (Clovercroft Publishing - FEB 2016)

In a life recalled from 1976 to present...

 Former Navy SEAL and professional explorer Marc Lonergan traces his dreams as a ten-year-old boy growing up in coastal New England, into his real life adventures on a global expedition to save the planet with one of our last great sea captains, Sir Peter Blake; from Antarctica to the jungles of the ‘Lost World’ in the Amazon.

 After losing Sir Peter to pirates in Brazil during their filmed expedition for Nat Geo Channel and The Discovery Channel in December 2001, Marc is selected as an underwater mentor to the youngest son of Jacques Yves Cousteau and has an opportunity to carry on the great captain’s legacy.

 But after 9/11 Marc ultimately finds redemption for the loss of his captain Sir Peter Blake, by returning to the life of a warrior in Iraq as a contractor for a classified government project.

 In this revealing and engaging two part story, Marc draws on every experience from his youth through his adult life to stay alive and protect others that are in his company and care.

 ‘Dolphin Island’ Part One - As a Boy - follows his youthful experiences on his secret island, to the trials and testing of SEAL training, and then passing the test of a sea captain with over 600,000 miles at sea.

Lonergan has a chance at one of only four positions on the global expedition crew for Sir Peter Blake. “I am brave…I am strong…I am surrounded by friends.” Is the mantra he learns in his dreams to conquer his fears and succeed in his endeavors in his life as a boy, and a man.

In unflinching detail, he relates the vivid impressions of his parents, friends, animals; and even the mythical creatures of his imagination that would teach him important lessons of survival. Marc takes the reader with him on a true odyssey of latitudes and longitudes around the globe with real world characters that mirror the dreams of his youth.

 As he is deep into these formative experiences, he learns that he is preparing for...and, living the life of a Protector. Part One concludes as the captain and crew of the vessel ‘Seamaster’ are struggling to escape the icy grips of the Antarctic ice; to avoid suffering the same fate at the same latitude as Shackleton on his ill-fated expedition aboard the vessel ‘Endurance’ in the early 1900’s.

The Epilogue of Part One - As a Boy – leads the reader deep into the Amazon jungle with Marc on the second leg of his expedition with Sir Peter and the crew.

Here, Lonergan is depending on a prehistoric tribe of indigenous Indians to save him from a tragic accident while scouting ‘The Lost World’ with his local guide, named Delphin.

 It is with this amazing community of people; Marc finds the objective of the next phase of the expedition.

 The mission will cost Sir Peter Blake his life, and Marc Lonergan finds himself truly living in the difficult world of a man.

 His greatest challenge to come, is finding redemption for the loss of those he felt he could have saved along his journey.

Below is a short clip from the NatGeo Program - Intro to Marc Lonergan - Before Sir Peters Tragic Death.