How to identify the difference between the handmade oil paintings and printed oil painting?

China – In recent years, the emerging of Oil Painting Canvas Printing has caused the greatly impact on the traditional hand-painting. Because of the high imitating technology used in the manufacturing for printed oil painting, normal people could be very difficult to identify the difference between the handmade oil painting and the printing oil painting. In order to help people correctly identify the handmade and printing oil painting, the editor from website which is the best online supplier for Oil Painting Canvas Printing would tell people how to identify them.

For the handmade oil painting, this kind of oil painting has the human painting feeling and it could be found from the back of the canvas with the help of lighting resource. On the other hand, the edges of objects in the oil painting are not too neat. Some places on the oil paintings have uneven thickness. There is a very simply method to identify the oil painting. People could use their finger stick a little water and then rub this finger on the dark colors place on the oil painting. After that, if people could find any color on the finger, the painting must be the printed type.

For the oil painting which printed directly on canvas, people could find that the color of the Oil Painting Canvas Printing is not bright enough and there is no sense of strokes. Furthermore, the thickness of the color layer on oil painting is very uniformity and it is lack of three-dimensional effect. The low quality printed oil painting usually began to fade after two month. However, there are also high quality printed oil paintings which are very closely with the handmade oil painting. People could directly purchase this high level printed oil painting from

Furthermore, the oil paint is another point which people should note. The low quality oil paint is canvas prints wholesale easy to change color and the color is not purely. Among the currently market, there have the high-grade oil paint, poor quality oil paints and acrylic paint.

The High-grade oil paint contains pure color which could make people feel relaxed and comfortable. Whether people wash it with water or a wet cloth, the color of the high quality oil paint will not fade and change its color.

The Poor quality oil paints and acrylic paint will be faded with the washing of water or a wet cloth. The long term preservation will change the color of the oil painting that had been manufactured by the low quality oil paints.

Whether it is the handmade oil painting or the printed oil painting, the decorative effects of these two type oil paint are the same. However, the price of the Oil Painting Canvas Printing is much cheaper than the handmade one.


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