high protein vegetarian foods

It is true that vegetarian foods that rich in protein are more healthier than any other protein foods, that is why we are as a team of pharmacists whom specialist only in nutrition area, we decided to make a whole article abouthigh protein vegetarian foods and give you the best that you can eat either or your diet or just a healthy foods program. We all know, high animal protein foods especially those with a big amount of saturated fat and cholesterol, eating a high amount of these high protein foods on daily basis, it may causes lot of healthy troubles such as increasing the risk of heart disease and cancer also the arteries. From here in this article we recommend to do not eat lot of high animal protein foods especially the ones we mentioned before and start focusing on high protein vegetarians, simply because they are healthy and light also they make you cheerful all day long. In this article, we would recommend for you the main vegetable foods rich in protein but after we see why many people prefer being vegetarians.

Why people like to be vegetarians ?

There are so many reasons that make people like to eat high protein vegetarian foods or vegetable foods in general, simply because they are not only free of meat but free of all its kinds such as chicken and fish. A genuine vegetable foods eater doesn't eat any foods that come from animals.

What are these high protein vegetarian foods ?

Actually, there are several lot of these kind of foods but a few that work and pay off, we choose the best minority. They will be in this article listed as Lentils, Tempeh also Sweetcorn.

is one of the legumes that high in protein also plant fiber if we can say so, some people say that the lentils is a bank of protein. Moreover, it helps to cure constipation. Lentils is not only about protein it includes also a good amount of iron and calcium also vitamin, phosphor, magnesium, sodium, sulfur Etc … But we advise those who have gout to reduce eating the lentils because it contains urine.

is the tempeh which invented in Indonesia. It is high protein food, it is good to eat it instead of meat in recipes. It has a very good smell just like mushroom and sometimes  it gives a taste more than soy cheese, this kind of vegetable foods is veryeasy to digest because it makes during the fermentation of soy and it is a healthyhigh protein vegetarian food we always recommend it.

We can say that it is a kind of vegetable foods discovered recent decades, and it contains a high proportion of protein and it contains almost 3g of protein as well, it seems that this vegetable food is more calorific than others which mentioned above and many people use this kind of corns to relish their recipes.

They were the three preferable high protein vegetarian foods we recommend to acquire an effective diet and healthy meals, it is preferable too to have some of them cooked on daily basis on your meals, to know these meals and the meals we recommend for you you should check this article High Protein Meals

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