"Being an Indian I read for a part that was Italian!" (Funny The Movie 2015)

Hemang Mistry - Actor

How can I forget that day? Who says that talent is not valued? I went to the audition early morning and the lines were long as I expected. After standing in line, I received sides for two characters and none of the characters matched my description. However my tendency of not giving up worked this time. I could have easily walked out of the building by telling myself, "Why ruin a weekend by spending an entire day at an audition when there is not even a part that matches my description?" Being an Indian I read for a part that was Italian. I walked in 20 minutes before they were about to leave. They loved me and told me that they were going to put me in a film anyways. I didn't receive a call for two weeks and I kept wondering as to what happened? I have been struggling a very long time for someone to give me a break. Finally I received a call from one of the actors telling me I have been chosen to play one of the characters for the movie. I jumped with joy.

I guess mine is the story of confidence, persistence, hardwork and my outstanding ability of never giving up even when the odds are against my favor. I am looking forward to playing Tony Patel. I am very excited about this project. I can say that this is the best news I have gotten since I have moved to NYC to pursue acting. I have already started thinking about what I want to do with this character and how I am going to approach it to make it really crazy and funny. I guess I will just add a little bit of a curry in a spaghetti. It will be really fresh both the characters and the movie.@hemang8686 @funnythemovie