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Cincinnati, Ohio (January 21st 2014): Wedding is supposed to be the most special event in any one’s life. You want everything to be perfect on that day from lights and decoration to dresses and food! Amidst all this hustle-bustle, one should always remember the vital element of a marriage ceremony, the pictures. Much importance is given on photography. For a large section of people, it is a fashion but for those who are getting married, it is the key to the memories of a lifetime.


In terms of photography, people are much relaxed in Cincinnati Ohio if they can afford to appoint Christin Berry’s ‘Blue Martini Photography’ troop. Wedding photography has reached a new level in the expert hands of these wedding photographers. All people have to do is contact them at their official website or contact number and leave the rest to them. Couples and their family members are amazed to experience such fine piece of photography. The pictures clicked by these professional wedding photographers of Blue Martini Photography based in Toledo and Cincinnati Ohio, are prized possessions for all families. What makes them unique is that they click special moments in such a way that, these moments become eternal memories. Blue Martini photographers capture the subtlest of moments and place them within a detailed frame so that when they are presented, people tend to get pleasantly surprised.


Christin Berry, the proud owner of Blue Martini Photography in Ohio has been in business for the past 15 years. She completed her Bachelors in both Science and Arts from the University of Toledo with a specialization in photography. Although Berry owns the company, she gives equal credit to all the wedding photographers who work with her. To name a few, Dan, Melissa and many others are noteworthy photographers. It is Berry and her group who have turned wedding photography into an art. The passion and care with which Berry and her entire troop work is perhaps reflected through her own life as she got married her childhood sweetheart Matt Berry. Hence, it is pretty natural for her to consider that a wedding should always be perfect.


The website of Blue Martini Photography comes up with a lot of other information that a client will require like the booking charge, procedure for booking, destination, availability of dates etc. Although Blue Martini Photography is based in Toledo and Cincinnati Ohio, the wedding photographers also go to places like Kentucky, Columbia and various other destinations as well.


Next time, you hear the cupid’s calling, you know whom to contact!




Blue Martini Photography is a renowned photography company owned by Christin Berry based in Toledo and Cincinnati Ohio. They work on contracts and send out the final photographs both in print and on DVDs.



Christin Berry

Cincinnati, Ohio