Starburst slot machine rules

Gamers searching for an attractive casino game that can bring them both pleasure and money are invited to try Starburst Bandit, a browser game that has very simple rules and an appealing visual interface.

Starburst Bandit is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot machine that can be played for fun or for money. The fun version does not require registration and can be played by adults, as well as children. The version played for money, however, requires registration and needs to be played only by adults.

This Starburst slot machine transports players to an intergalactic world, where they can enjoy amazing graphics, excellent sound effects, and vibrant colors. In fact, the resolution of this game is so good, that users have to lower the graphics quality to increase performance.

In this Starburst slot machine game, users can bet from one to 10 bet lines, at different bet levels and coin values. The bet level, as well as the value of a coin can be selected by the user, depending on the amount of money that he wants to bet.

As an example, a bettor who wants to bet €6 can choose one of these next combinations of bet lines, bet levels and coin values: 6 bet lines, 1 bet level, €1 coin value, or 3 bet lines, 2 bet levels, €1 coin value, or 10 bet lines, 3 bet levels, €0.20 coin value. Many other combinations can be made to obtain a desired bet amount.

A player that has a lucky round wins the payout indicated by the pay table. To see the pay table for each symbol on the reels, the user only has to right click the symbol that interests him, and place his bet, according to the values presented there and his available amount of money.

Besides the regular gameplay, this game also offers the possibility of playing the game at the maximum bet lines, a preselected coin value and the highest bet level. This is what is known as the "Max Bet" feature and can be activated by hitting the button with the same name, located next to the "Spin" button, in the lower part of the screen.

Another feature of this game is "Autoplay", feature that automatically plays the game for the preselected number of rounds. If the Internet connection gets interrupted during the game, and the game is in "Autoplay" mode, all the game settings will return to default when the Internet connection is reestablished.

Speaking of game settings, to access them, users have to click the spanner icon in the game panel, in the bottom right corner of the screen. Among the settings that can be modified by the user, we can include the possibility to turn the "Quick Spin" option on or off, to turn sound effects on or off, to adjust graphic performance, and use Spacebar to spin.

Starburst Bandit is a casino game that can be played for fun or for money. If you want to be 100% ready to play this game in order to supplement your income, we invite you to enter our website and play this Starburst slot machine game completely for free.