Opalauctions Sellers Open Opal Museum on the Gold Coast

Australia's leading online opal auction site 'Opalauctions' has opened a specialized opal museum on the Gold Coast.

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, June 25, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Australia's leading online opal auction site 'Opalauctions' has opened a specialized opal museum on the Gold Coast. The museum named 'Gold Coast Opal & Gem Centre' encompasses opal miners and wholesalers who have been officially verified and showcasing their beautiful treasure trove of exquisite opals and opal jewellery directly to you.

The awe-inspiring collection is a fascinating tourist attraction with museum quality specimens. As you enter the museum you are taken back into history with dinosaur fossils, bones, and the rarest opal fossils in the world on display. Some of the showcased specimens include a rare opal pineapple and a massive opalised seashell slab, belemite opal, and opalised nuts and vegetation. The opal fossil display has been collected over 25 years and many museums do not have such rare gems on display as this collection from seda opals.

If you're thinking of visiting the museum, a must see is the large boulder opal wall slab showing a brilliant and memorable range of rich colours and unique patterns. This mesmerizing piece was created in in Quilpie Australia in 1976.

Located at 25 Surfers Avenue Mermaid Waters Queensland Australia, the museum only offers the sale of natural Australian Opals including beautiful rare black opals to boulder from Queensland, fire opals from Cooper Pedy, exquisite opal jewellery such as pendants, rings, bracelet and earrings that ranges from sterling silver to 18k gold.

You can buy with confidence, as the verified sellers offers you the best items with competitive prices, whilst enjoying the blast from the past with all the opal museum-grade displays. Whether the visit to the Opal museum is for a special gift for your loved one, to buy an investment stone, a treasured heirloom or a souvenir, the friendly staff will help find a the piece for you.

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