CAMPBELL, CA, May 06, 2014 – SensePlugannounced today it has launched its Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for next generation Smart Home products, SAM Plug and SAM Strip. While older smart home products only allow users to control devices remotely, the SAM family of products take the next step in Smart Home Technology with built-in sensors that monitor Motion, Energy Consumption, Temperature, Time & Date and Ambient Light that allow users to automate a home with patent-pending ‘Smart Rules’ based on these inputs.

SAM Plug and SAM Strip were created with the intent to bring Smart Home technology and Home Automation into every type of household with no need for the consumer to be a technology wizard. With its simple, yet powerful, mobile app and ‘Plug-in and Go’ design, the SAM family of products is designed for easy use by technology novices, but powerful enough to satisfy the most extreme technophiles.

“We designed SAM Plug and SAM Strip to be the Smartest Smart Home products on the market with the ability to Save, Automate and Monitor,” said Eddy Vromen, Founder of SensePlug. “Whether you want to save money by monitoring your energy usage, secure your home with motion sensors or control and automate any device in your house, SAM products allow you to do this and much more.”

With its slim, compact design SAM Plug is 20% - 40% slimmer than other competitors in the Smart Home Plug marketplace. This is even more impressive when you consider that SAM has more sensors and control options than any other Smart Home Plug on the market. SAM Strip combines all of these same sensors and control options, but gives you three outlets and two Smart Fast Charge USB ports. Each outlet and USB port can be controlled separately – for example you could have a fan designated to turn on when it gets warmer than 75 degrees and your phone designated to turn off once it is fully charged. If you have multiple SAM products in your home, they will communicate with each other giving you a complete Smart Home system.

“SAM connects your home to the Internet of Things,” continues Eddy Vromen. “In addition to controlling your home remotely, and automating your home based on SAM’s sensors, SAM is designed to work with IFTTT, a growing service that puts the internet to work for you.”

Pricing and Availability

SAM Plug and SAM Strip are available for Pre-Order May 6, 2014 on KICKSTARTER. An Early Adopter special price of $35 for SAM Plug and $69 for SAM Strip will be available. For more information please visit

About SensePlug

Senseplug is based in the Campbell, CA and its family of SAM products was founded and created by Eddy Vromen. The company has adopted Eddy’s passionate about creating cool electronics products. Its staff primarily has backgrounds in software and hardware design and electrical engineering.