Easy Step-by-Step Guide for Laptop Key Replacement

If you’re going to replace a broken or damaged laptop key, you must first switch off the system, or remove the battery out of the machine. If you type something accidently, it may cause you more problems. Now, go through the laptop key replacement process.

No doubt, a laptop keyboard is different from a typical desktop keyboard. Moreover, unlike the keyboards of the desktops, a laptop keyboard contains three important components such as key pad, key retainer and keycap.

The keycap is considered as the actual key that comprises two different clips in the middle or bottom and two slots in top of the key. All these components help keeping a keyboard key on its place.

How to fix a loose keycap

In case of having a loose but attached to the machine key, you can fix the problem just by pushing down on the affected keycap. If you hear a snap then it means that key has been reattached to its place. If you find the key still non-functioning, you need to remove it from the laptop and re-attach it.

How to fix a broken keycap

In case of having a physically damaged laptop key, you have to go with laptop key replacement from the It means complete replacement of the broken key with a new one.

In case of having problem placing the laptop key back onto the machine, you can follow this procedure.

1.      Begin the procedure by putting the key retainer into the machine. In case of having a standard key pad, you should put it when the retainer has been placed. Having inserted the pad, make sure it must lie flat and could be bendable. If you don’t have an idea what direction your key retainer should go then remove one of keys on the keyboard to find how exactly the retainer is placed. Now, you can do the same to fix the problem.

2.      Put the pad into the key retainer.

3.      Having successfully completed above mentioned two steps, you need to place the key over the laptop retainer in proper direction and slightly press it down. If the key snap, it has been fixed. If you find the key into wrong position, press down on every corners of the key to ensure all clips must be snapped into their positions. Hence, you don’t need to go with a complete laptop key replacement.

Fixing Spacebar Key

Unlike the other laptop keys, the spacebar key needs additional efforts to fix it back on its place.

The spacebar contains a tiny bar on its bottom. Hence, in order to place the spacebar key back onto the laptop keyboard, this tiny bar should also be removed. For removing the small bar, you can either use a knife or screwdriver to pull it off from the keyboard.

Having removed this bar, now you need to place it on laptop keyboard, which must contain slots to hold the bar in its position. Having placed this bar on the keyboard, you need to position the spacebar key over the retainers and simply press down to snap it onto its place.