How Do Restaurant Managers Pick a Good Resume?

Restaurant managers can receive up to a few hundred resumes for the same position. With their high turnover rates and demanding schedules, it is imperative a manager fills his open position with a good candidate. While there is no “perfect” definition of a resume, there are things to look for in an ideal candidate that can be showcased on his or her resume.

Look for a Candidate Who Sells

Resumes are like auditions, which means a job candidate only has a few seconds to sell the manager on his or her skills. Look for resumes that stand out to you and that are short, concise and to the point. Read the summaries and see where the potential candidate has worked before, his short and long-term goals (if listed) and most importantly, why he’s applying for your open position rather than just any open position.

Candidates who put your company’s name in the resume show they’re really interested in working for you and only you. Do a quick scan of the resumes and if they don’t appeal, move on to the next.

Find Resumes That Use Appropriate Formats

You can tell a lot about a candidate’s attention to detail and skill by reviewing how they’ve put together their resume. A quality resume is one that is:

·         Concise -- no more than one to two pages.

·         Free of grammatical or spelling errors.

·         Using the appropriate contact information, including full name, address and an appropriate email address.

·         Using the appropriate size 10 to 12 point font.

·         Following the directions in your job posting exactly. If you requested a cover letter or copies of certificates in the posting, make sure the candidates who have applied followed directions.

Search for Specific Keywords

There are qualities and experiences you’re looking for in your idea candidate. Scan your resumes for these keywords to pick out the candidates that meet your requirements. For example, if you’re filling a line cook position and you want a candidate with garde manger experience, scan resumes for garde manger. Resume software like Recruiter Box allows you to scan-in or upload digital resumes and then search candidate resumes using targeted keywords. You can also use the search features to find a particular culinary school or restaurant listed in the resume’s text.

Organize Your Resumes

It’s likely you’ll receive a lot of resumes for the same position. While you cannot hire every candidate, there may be a few that you would like to consider for future openings. Use a software like Recruiter Box to scan or upload all of the resumes you have received. Then organize those resumes by candidates you’re interested in for future positions and candidates that you won’t contact for future openings.

Organizing resumes can also help you prepare for the interview. By using a resume software you can quickly reread and locate a particular candidate’s resume so that you refresh your memory of his skills and experiences right before the interview.

Selecting a candidate for your open positions can be easier with the assistance of a resume sorting software. These software programs offer organizational tools, help you track the status of an applicant’s progress, and even allow for open collaboration during the recruitment process so that all restaurant team members can be involved in the process.