Occupational Ergonomics Review Services from Strategic Safety Australia

Strategic Safety Australia, a leading provider of OHS consulting and training solutions in Queensland, offers review services on occupational ergonomics.

[BRISBANE, QLD, July 1, 2014]—Strategic Safety Australia, one of the leading providers of Occupational Health and Safety consulting and training solutions in Queensland, provides review services covering the topic of occupational ergonomics. This is part of the company’s commitment to help businesses comply with Australia’s OHS laws.

Reducing the Risks of Substandard Ergonomics

SSA understands that manual tasks may take a toll on a worker’s health and physical condition. Manual tasks require workers to exert force in order to manipulate, carry, move, hold, restrain and grasp an object.

To make manual tasks lighter and easier, SSA explains that every business should comply with the ergonomic requirements specified by the laws. Otherwise, workers may suffer injuries, which account for more than half the cost of workers’ compensation claims and lost number of work days, which may extend to months.

SSA offers services in conducting manual task and ergonomic risk reviews. These reviews, according to the company, cover both the design phase of the workplace and the existing work processes.SSA assists clients in identifying the highest risk manual tasks and work with them to come up with sound and practical solutions that also meet the requirements of the law.

The Company’s Edge

SSA says that their safety consulting services are tailored for all business types. With customisation, they give clients every assurance that the systems offered fit unique objectives and features. This also allows for easier integration and implementation of their safety systems. 

About Strategic Safety Australia

Strategic Safety Australia is one of the leading providers of Occupational Health and Safety consulting and training services in Queensland. The company specialises in providing assistance to those in the construction, mining, manufacturing, government and oil &gas industries. Since its inception, the company has been helping clients by offering help in identifying potential hazards in the workplace. Primarily, SSA provides occupational health and safety courses that will help employees understand the importance of OHS laws. All the modules are based on real-world examples. SSA has a team of experienced trainers and specialists that help employees understand the provisions of OHS laws.

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