Hiking in Maresme coast: Calella

Maresme coast is one of those magical places in the Catalonian coast, usually related to the most traditional summer tourism. However, this coast with small charming fishing villages and tourist centres specially designed visitors in search of peace and Mediterranean, offers other types of attractions which are gaining ground. One of those centres of attraction are the hiking and mountain routes in Maresme, its natural parks and viewpoints.
Among the most important points, today we choose Calella, a relevant tourist area in Maresme, where are situated some of the main holiday hotels and accommodations. It also offers some of the most interesting routes. If you stay in a hotel in Calella or if you have booked an apartment for holiday, make the most of your stay and plan a nature excursion. Below, we propose you 3 of the most famous hiking routes in Calella, with a low-medium level of difficulty, ideal for families.

Dalmau Park or Squirrel Route
It is an easy route, perfect for families with small children. Just 3 km and you can cover it in 1 hour, since the path is not demanding. It is a pleasant walk, under the Mediterranean pines, palms and banana trees. Its name comes from the large number of squirrel living in the park.

Tamarindos or Corb Mari Route
Another of the famous routes in Calella coast is the called Corb Marí route. It is situated close to the sea, so we can contemplate its beautiful views and the lovely atmosphere of sea breeze. This area is full of many Mediterranean shrub, trees and plants, colourful tamarinds, brooms and pines. There is a viewpoint from where you can watch the Mediterranean and birds surrounding the area. The route has also 3 km, with a low-medium level of difficulty.

Sierra de Guilles or Fox Route
It is one of the best ways to know this area which is the continuation of Montnegre Park Forests. It goes towards the sea and its name comes from the foxes that live in this area, as well as the squirrels and several bird species. It is the only one among these 3 routes which is not totally recommended to be with family, since it is a bit demanding:  10 km, more or less 2 and a half hours walking at a good pace with a medium-high level of difficulty.

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