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African pygmy hedgehogs are not wild in nature. They are generally bred for the captivity purpose. They are usually identified as great pets for children, under the supervision of the adults. These are reported to be low maintenance pets. These amazing cute looking pets are really adorable and can easily be handled, once they are used to human interaction. This pet store offers these pets in various colors, starting from albino, grey to brown and white. Both the genders of this species are found to be great choice for the pet lovers. These pets do not cause any kind of allergies. These adorable pets are loved by the animal lovers of UK. You do not need to have any kind of license to have this particular pet with you in this country.

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Customers loved their pet buying experience with this store. Rose is a happy customer of this store. She says, “I reserved a hedgehog before mum had even given birth and was thrilled by the service I received from Emma. I was updated regularly with personalized emails with plenty of pictures of my little hog as he grew and was informed his sex and suspected color outcome earlier than expected. I was able to pick his name to go onto his certificate and birth certificate which made it really personal. He arrived with a plentiful supply of food and information as well as his registration along with many little other extras, all as promised. He was incredibly tame and not at all shy. He has since grown into a lovely sociable little hog.”

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