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USA, 13th March, 2014: Completing a certification course can be a great bonus to people who are working as personal fitness trainers.Generally, gyms and other fitness places are more interested in people who have certification along with experience. Even for those people who are planning to establish or run a gym a good certification course is necessary. And now the Wexford University and NESTA together are going to provide certification courses for interested students.

There are two different certification courses available at the Wexford University; one is a course offered by the university itself and the other is the course by NESTA. Though both the courses are for personal fitness trainers, both are unique and provide quite different types of skills and knowledge. The course offered by NESTA is more useful for people who are looking for a career as an employee in gyms and other fitness places. This course concentrates on over all fitness and ways to train people and encourage them to get fit.

Whereas the course offered by the Wexford University is more for those who want to establish their own business and concentrates on training students so that they can work with professional athletes and sportspersons. This is why apart from educating students over subjects that are useful for a personal trainer, subjects like business management, etc that are required to take care of a business are also taught.

The website says, “You have a choice when it comes to your personal training certification. There are two basic paths you can take: The club/fitness center/gym route as an employee or the entrepreneurial route. We want to help you regardless of your choice.”

Apart from the differences, going for any one of these personal trainer certification courses provides a number of benefits: students will be provided with in depth knowledge on various subjects, all those that are required for a great career as a personal trainer. Completion of such certification courses means more chances of a good job or a salary hike. These certification courses can be completed by people who are already working; these are online courses and hence students can complete them at their own pace. To learn more visit website: and

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