Renowned New York City Artist Elevates Childhood Nostalgia with “Game Series”

New York, NY - Intentional teeth marks on paintings may seem unlikely, but for New York City painter, Guy Stanley Philoche, this is an integral part of his style for his “Game Series.” An exhibitor at the upcoming SCOPE New York this March, Philoche taps his own nostalgic childhood memories playing board games like Monopoly, Scrabble and Candy Land for his latest art series designed to invoke that same sense of longing in the viewer.

“In this fast-paced world, how many children know the joy of landing on ‘pass Go and collect $200’ while playing a game of Monopoly like I experienced while playing with my family growing up?” asks Philoche, a Haitian-American and Yale alum. The dozens of pieces in his latest series bring this timeless game, and others, to life both on canvas and in 3D sculptures of the game pieces. His signature layering technique on canvas encourages viewers to engage with the work on a tactile level that can be unusual for an artist, “When people come to the gallery, I encourage them to touch my art and experience it with multiple senses.” This is quite fitting for the newest piece in the collection - the Ouija Board complete with a sculpture of the planchette. More comfortable with painting, Philoche found creating the sculptures of the corresponding game pieces rounded out the work to make it complete.

Philoche has been a strong contender in the New York City art world for the past 15 years. His “Untitled Series” features paintings reminiscent of Abstract Expressionist painter, Mark Rothko. His work has been showcased from coast to coast including Art Basel in Miami, gracing the office walls of Barclay Investments Inc. and Merrill Lynch and adorning the homes of George Clooney and Uma Thurman. Popular bar and bat mitzvah gifts, many parents purchase his pieces for new, young art collectors. You can often find pictures of Philoche’s work hanging in the homes of satisfied buyers.

A philanthropist by nature, Philoche’s success means a fellow artist’s as well, “Whenever I sell a painting, I buy one to support other painters.” Last summer he curated a show of 60 emerging artists at the Castle Fitzjohns Gallery in Manahattan, entitled “Everyone Will Be Famous for 12 Inches.” The proceeds from this initiative went to the Ronald McDonald House. When he’s not helping other artists further their careers, he donates his time and art to charities such as the American Cancer Society, Leukemia Foundation and Kids with Cameras.

Philoche will exhibit at the Chase Edwards gallery in Bridgehampton, in addition to SCOPE New York, the artist’s second time in a SCOPE exhibit. He is represented by Castle Fitzjohns Gallery in the Lower East Side of Manhattan where his work can be seen year-round, while those in Miami can experience Philoche’s art in a unique pop-up gallery hosted on a 228-foot mega yacht through March 18, 2015.

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