Rubber4Roofs Launches “Rubber Roof Wizard” Website Feature

Rubber4Roofs, a premier provider of affordable alternative roofing in England, introduces a new website feature,“Rubber Roof Wizard.”  This new online feature is designed to assist customers get the right materials for their EPDM projects.

[Coventry, January 16, 2014] –Rubber4Roofs, one of the top suppliers of cost-effective alternative roofing in England, launches a new website feature, “Rubber Roof Wizard.” The latest addition to their website aims to assist customers with getting the right materials for their EPDM project. The company has put together a simple 3-Step Wizard to guide buyers through the process.

EPDM Wizard

As part of their goal to serve all clients more efficiently, Rubber4Roofs continues to introduce innovations to improve their service. The Coventry-based company launches EPDM Wizard to help customers choose the right materials for their EPDM roofing projects.

To use the online tool, homeowners need to fill out information, such as the size of the roof and how each edge terminates. Rubber4Roofs will use these specific details to calculate the amount of EPDM and adhesive required to fit the new roof. They will also determine the trims and corners needed for finishing. The whole EPDM Wizard process only takes 15 minutes to complete.

Roof Size

To use this online feature, users need to enter the actual size of their roof, not the size of the membrane. The EPDM Wizard requires clients to enter measurements either in Imperial or Metric units. Rubber4Roofs advises customers that the wizard only calculates rectangular and square roofs. For L-shaped or U-shaped roofs, clients are advised to use the Wizard to calculate the different rectangles that make up their roof shape, and add them to their basket for a complete order.

Roof Edges

To ensure correct product selection, Rubber4Roofs needs to know whether there are walls, gutters, or other roof against every edge. The company determines what type of corners and edge trims are needed based on the selections customers make. After online shoppers answer all pertinent questions, the EPDM Wizard will provide a summary order and two solutions to choose from. The clients can choose from either plastic or metal trim systems and add it to their basket.

About Rubber4Roofs

Incorporated in England and Wales, Rubber4Roofs Ltd provides builders, roofers, and homeowners with alternative roofing felts.The company specialises in EPDM Rubber Roofing Systems and stores a wide range of EPDM rubber roofing products, which have a life expectancy of over 50 years. Rubber4Roofs has a warehouse in Coventry. Rubber4Roofs provides customers with high quality roofing materials, equipment and tools.

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