Forever Air with Crawford Services Offers Lifetime Warranty on AC Unit

Crawford Services now offers the benefits of Forever Air.  This is a superb offer that gives you, the homeowner, total peace of mind.  We stand behind every product we install and every service we offer, and Forever Air is just another way to back that promise with actionable items.

Here at Crawford Services we understand the importance of having your AC unit regularly inspected and maintained, as it really can prolong the life of the unit for very many years. That’s why we’ve come up with this simple plan to help our customers achieve real peace of mind when we fit a new Forever Air AC Unit in their property.

A lifetime warranty is offered on the Forever Air AC Unit for as long as you remain in the property.  Want the full details?

·         Have your Forever Air AC Unit regularly maintained and serviced by our experienced, qualified professional engineers, at least every 6 months and you will be eligible for a Lifetime Unit Replacement Limited Warranty

·         There’s also a 10 year Parts Warranty  and an optional 10 year Labor Warranty by Crawford Services

That really is how confident we are about the difference regular maintenance and servicing can make to the longevity of your air conditioning system.  If your Forever Air AC Unit breaks down after you have fulfilled the terms of the warranty then we’ll replace it for you – no problem, no questions and no charge!

If you look after your Forever Air AC unit properly, it will look after you for years to come. After all, proper care and maintenance of any AC unit can extend its lifespan by several years.  If you have an AC unit installed in your property (and who is Texas doesn’t), make sure that you have regular services, checks and filter replacements to increase the efficiency and longevity of your system.