Cathay Pacific Reimagines the Rules of Travel Advertising

What happens when you take the rules of traditional travel advertising and toss them aside? You get Cathay Pacific Airways unconventional, next-gen digital travel experience.

The effort is called: “Life Well Travelled Hong Kong,” and it reinvents the travel guide by turning it into an eBook creating an interactive, virtual journey. In the world of airline travel, this new travel guide is a first of its kind.

A totally immersive digital experience, “Life Well Travelled Hong Kong” leads readers through the sights, scenes and soundscapes of 17 different places around the city, from an off-the-beaten-path teahouse to an art-filled hotel to a monastery set into the side of a mountain. Each one comes alive with stunning, kinetic photography, digital video and audio, shareable content – and the ability for consumers to book airline tickets and other experiences directly from its pages, while they’re right in the moment. Rather than flipping past a flat piece of paper, glancing at static photos on a screen or scrolling through a grid of flight times, the eBook creates a moving engagement that irresistibly draws readers in. Its visceral pull perfectly evokes a destination as unusual, as densely rewarding and as potentially overwhelming as Hong Kong.

“Life Well Travelled Hong Kong” does more than just upend the old-school tour book: It re-imagines how consumers can interact with Cathay Pacific, and it creates a brand new path for the airline to promote other cities, partners and routes going forward.

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About Cathay Pacific:

Cathay Pacific Airways flies daily to Hong Kong and beyond, including over 22 destinations in Mainland China, from six cities in the USA and two in Canada: Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York (JFK), Newark Liberty, San Francisco, Vancouver and Toronto; and offers cargo service to 18 cities in the Americas.

More information, including current fares and availability, may be found at,, Twitter @CathayPacificUS or Instagram @CathayPacific. For North American reservations, dial toll-free: 1-888-233-ASIA.

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