Dawson Development Group Warns Against Hiring Unscrupulous Northeast Ohio Home Builder

Painesville – March 262014. The Dawson Development Group has come out with a warning not to hire just any northeast Ohio home builder. While there are several available, the company advises prospective homeowners to be careful when choosing a Lake County home builder.

An accredited northeast Ohio home builder has a full list of references and these must check out. The builder must also have experience and have the necessary qualifications. It is also necessary to determine if the Lake County home builder uses sub-contractors and if there is insurance in the event something goes wrong. Building a home is a complex process and whether it is a Geauga County home builder or not, accreditation and insurance are musts.

While their rate is one of the most important criteria to hire Lake County home builder other aspects such as the contract, the stage payments and the work phases have to be looked into as well. Because home building need to meet certain requirements, it’s necessary to have an inspector assess the work and ensure standards are met.

In cases where the land has been purchased, it is advisable to take bids from different builders and not just one Geauga County home builder. Using this approach, knowledge of other homebuilders will increase. Due to the nature of the work involved, not to mention the financial investment, due diligence is required to avoid problems later on. The Dawson Development Group also recommends that research be done before going through any sort of negotiation.   

About the Dawson Development Group

The Dawson Development Group is one of the leading home builders in northeast Ohio with more than 30 years of experience building homes in and around Lake County. The Group has also developed a reputation for constructing beautiful and sturdy homes because they only use the finest materials and place emphasis on customer satisfaction.

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Mark K. Rule

759 F Lakeshore Blvd.

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