The New Jersey SBDC are small business advocates who celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of their small business community. They are dedicated to providing resources that are tailored to helping small businesses grow by assisting them with development of an effective digital strategy which encompasses Internet Marketing, operational efficiency and an ROI which focuses on the implementation of technology.

Sunny Kancherla, creator of the popular #LearnToEarn educational series, has brought together some of the best Internet focused programs presented across the state in an effort to raise awareness of the NJSDBC’s commitment to helping small business owners. They plan to give attendees the tools to grow their business and assist them with the seamless integration of a strategic digital campaign into their business.


The events for the week will be taking place at the New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Enterprise Development Center (EDC) and each event will feature the NJSBDC’s Sunny Kancherla and local small business advocates, consultants, and experts from different partner organizations to discuss their perspectives and share best practices in a collaborative learning environment. Each day of the conference will focus on a different aspect of building an effective digital strategy, with various workshops still to be announced. However the main webinar broadcast topics are as follows:


  • Tuesday June 24th, 2014 (6:00pm to 8:30pm) – How to Improve Your Small Business Website
  • Wednesday June 25th, 2014 (6:00pm to 8:30pm) – Social Media Tactics to Raise Your ROI
  • Thursday June 26th, 2014 (6:00pm to 8:30pm) – Integrating Digital Strategy to Boost Efficiency & Sales

Participation in this event is limited to only those small businesses who have been generating an income for 2 years, who have received technical assistance and are approved for participation by one of the partner organizations listed below:


  • Greater Newark Enterprises Corporation
  • Rutgers Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Enterprise Development Center
  • Brick City Development Center
  • National Association of Professional Women


“We are very excited to participate in this collaboration.  Sunny’s #LearnToEarn series is gaining traction and buzz across the small business community in New Jersey,” stated Steven Gomez, Executive Director of the event’s partner organization, GNEC.  Gomez continued, “we are very excited to bring our expertise to this program and will be highlighting our participation to all of our industry supporters and funders during our annual awards breakfast on June 20th at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.”

With this clear vision in mind, many of the academic institutions and small business technical assistance organizations Kancherla has worked with through the years have stepped forward to help small business owners learn the correct approach to building their website, learning to make Social Media work for them, and lastly how to creatively integrate their online and offline campaigns with little additional effort. “Our past webinars have attracted business owners in New Jersey, but, in addition individuals from out of state and as far as Europe have participated,” NJSBDC COO-Associate State Director Deborah Smarth stated. “We expect to draw in large crowds to this upcoming series.”





The New Jersey Small Business Development Centers (NJSBDC) is the recognized leader in delivering management consulting and training programs to nascent entrepreneurs, start-ups and existing small businesses as well as specialized and more advanced services to high-impact, growth-oriented businesses. NJSBDC activities will be a major force in leading the way for future community and economic development.


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