HIPAA Notice of Privacy

Maschino Hudelson & Associates ( MHA or the Company) , a broker of employee benefits , today announced that it is notifying about 5,500 people a laptop with some personal information was stolen from the trunk of a car of its employees around 02 April, 2014. enterprise , police were immediately notified , but the laptop is not refundable.The laptop contained personal information such as name , address, date of birth and social security number for employees of some of its customers

. In addition , the portable computer must also include some information claims. The company has done and continues to be a forensic analysis of the data stored on the laptop can run . The company does not have any indication at this time that had damage as a result of this incident .

MHA takes the privacy and security of personal information very seriously . The company has a variety of protocols , procedures and systems designed to prevent unauthorized access to personal customer data access . Staff are regularly trained how to protect sensitive information .

 The company dealt with situations like this with the utmost importance , not only to fulfill their legal obligations , but also the interests and concerns of their customers . Despite the efforts of the company , sometimes losses happen. Actively MHA electronic media to tighten policy , along with other measures to ensure this does not happen again . All laptop users data are backup data with amazing gadgets like promotional drives and other cards like Wooden USB  cards etc.

The company has every affected person are notified in writing , explained the situation and advised people on how to take advantage of the free credit monitoring and fraud alert on your files . About 3,800 people received a letter from the company about the security incident are located in Oklahoma . The company also provides a toll free number (877) 283-6562 , by people who can get a letter asking questions .