Noah Francis Johnson Unveils New E.P Harvest Tree and Announcement of New Project

Noah has an increasing amount of attention since his debut album Life & Times. With a feature on a BBC One television series, an invitation to record Ray Charles' unfinished project, backing by Quincy Jones, and international media coverage.

LONDON, ENGLAND, June 25, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- "Noah's voice is in perfect harmony with the integrity and honesty of his songs" - Quincy Jones

"Noah Francis Johnson seems to understand that less really is more, and sometimes the greatest impact can come from the lightest of blows" - Clash Magazine

"One to watch" - The Independent

After the recent release of his critically acclaimed debut album, Noah announces Harvest Tree, his new E.P out 18 August 2014 via Last Ten Records Ltd and published by Universal. Following his sold out shows at the prestigious Bush Hall London, Santa Monica in L.A and international coverage including numerous UK radio / national TV appearances surrounding his debut L.P, Life & Times. Noah is setting the stage for a highly creative multiple release schedule in coming months and Harvest Tree is the prelude to a list of imminent releases. Paul Stacey, the guitarist most known for his work with Oasis; Andy Treacy, the drummer from Faithless; and Chris Kimsey, long time producer for the Rolling Stones are among a selection of the contributors on Harvest Tree. Harvest Tree was recorded at Abbey Road studios.

Soundcloud clip to Bleed:

"2014 was always going to be a special year, the year that I would bear my soul and take the blows and the applause".

Noah Francis Johnson was born in Wales, Tiger Bay to a mix race household and had his schooling in the world without the protective shield of political correctness of today, realities were bare and raw.

The collections of songs in the EP are a reflection of Noah's social consciousness. "There is nothing I won't say it's all I've got left you are not taking that away" from song Bleed.

Bleed, the first track of the EP, escalates musically and spiritually to surround the listener with questions, laments and righteous anger delivered with deep soulful passion and an immovable stance "my back is against this wall and you are standing in my way".

Harvest Tree E.P protests, pleads and points to a way, but above all else it's a window to one man's soul and a gathering of beautifully crafted songs with relevance, empathy and love.

The second musical piece, For A Long Time, beautifully and delicately vocalizes new rallying songs for the Conscientious, it points at enforced disparity extending hope and remedies. "In the age of acceptance tolerance has left us".

I Have Been Thinking visits the crossroads of blues posing timeless questions and inviting the listener to a common perspective, "Blues is a gateway to realisation and drawing strength from shared suffering" Noah.

Harvest Tree the title track of the E.P creates a soft cushion of delicate melodies where weary souls can listen intently while Noah guides them through the map of a universal city filled with contradictions and random yet connected observation "did you know there is sisters dying some because of what you are buying".

Harvest Tree E.P is rooted in Noah's wider social views and issues that surround us, punctuating every song with words that echo and reverberate in the listeners very being. Noah transcends contemporary boundaries in genres with depth, richness of spirit and prowess that come straight from the heart.

Noah's E.P opens the gateway to the new album "Tiger Bay" and an invitation by Jean-Michel Bernard the long time music collaborator for Ray Charles, to step into the great man's shoes bringing into fruition a concept album originally penned for Ray.

Harvest Tree is far more than EP It's the start of a conversation with everyone. It's an invitation to reflect and join in the chorus. Additionally we have a press only live event at Abbey Road soon to take place at the beginning of July. If you are a media professional and wish to attend please get in touch.

'Harvest Tree' Tracklist
Track 1: Bleed
Track 2: For a long time
Track 3: I Have Been Thinking
Track 4: Harvest tree

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