Who Is Houston's Own Movie Director, Producer & Actor “Michael Sterling” of Michael Sterling Films?



Michael Sterling ‘ founder and CEO of  Michael Sterling Films has been featured in Houston Trend Magazine, Houston’s Voice, Rolling Out Magazine , and received an award for "Houston's Hottest Video Director."  His directorial work includes the independent, and much acclaimed, film ‘Behind De Pole’ (2013), which received rave reviews, multiple sold out AMC Theater  movie premiers and intense media interest. Michael had a cameo role in "Live, Love, Laugh and The Movie Muscle." Sterling’s second feature as an actor  and Co-Producer in The  Fredrick Alanzo Film  titled ‘Signed, Sealed, and Delivered’ that premiered In Theaters  October 25,2014.   

 Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Michael Sterling entered the world with a creative eye and fast-thinking thought process that has always been bent on telling compelling stories through the use of vivid imagery. Sterling’s film-making signature is to afford the audience an emotional connection using well-planned techniques that harmoniously bring together a script and the unsaid word using character reactions, location settings, and more.

 As a child, Michael spent his time working in the sketch form of art and embracing music. He began recording music for local and National artists, making a name for himself in his hometown. After developing and cutting his first music video, other musicians began to request his help with their own videos. It was during this time that Michael discovered his talent for directing and producing. In fact, he directed music videos for Texas’ own Lil’ Flip and many more. 

 As he evolved in life, Michael made the daring transition into film. His "open vision to art" has afforded him with an opportunity to consider a vast array of projects and his focus is to develop movies that deliver a positive message. Michael’s primary goal is to make an impact within the film industry by making audiences think about cause, reaction, and consequences when watching a movie. 

 His life’s motto is “Get Get Get It” and with the track he’s on now, that’s exactly what Mr. Sterling intends to do in the Entertainment and Film Arena.