Navman Wireless Improves Industry Fleet Tracking and Management Services

Navman Wireless makes it easier for companies to manage their vehicles with improved fleet tracking and management services for various industries.

[SYDNEY, January 20, 2014] – Navman Wireless, a global leader in the GPS-based fleet-management solutions industry, makes it easier for companies to manage and monitor their vehicles with improved fleet tracking and management services for businesses in various industries. Companies in the shipping, logistics, and delivery industries, as well as any business that uses vehicles for their processes, can now easily see, track, and manage their fleet vehicles in real time.

Fleet Management Systems

Navman Wireless allows businesses with company fleets and vehicles to track and manage their fleet in real time, all within a single server. The company provides the right fleet management systems and software that will save any company in any industry a lot of time, money, and manpower. Their systems allow managers to simplify multiple tasks, including vehicle tracking, job scheduling and dispatching, and drivers’ behaviour assessment.

The company’s systems are all high-end, allowing for several ways of tracking and managing vehicles. Tracking, messaging, and navigation services are standard in many of their packages, but companies can choose to upgrade to satellite communications for when fleet vehicles enter areas out of mobile coverage.

Systems for Every Industry

Navman Wireless offers a range of GPS-based fleet management solutions for every industry. They have basic systems for organisations that are in the general shipping, logistics, and delivery business, as well as for businesses in specific industries.

The Navman Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution, for example, is specially-designed for the refrigerated transport industry. This enables real-time remote data capture of the temperature in refrigerated compartments found in delivery vans, trucks, and trailers.

Working in conjunction with telematics technology, the system is designed to give managers complete visibility of the storage conditions. This makes it easier to maximise fleet efficiency and simplify records, while doing everything possible to ensure temperature-controlled goods reach their destination on time and in optimal condition.

About Navman Wireless

Navman Wireless is one of the global leaders in the GPS-based fleet management solutions industry. With offices in five continents and a history ingrained with innovation, dedication, and partnership, the company provides businesses in any industry some of the best tracking, two-way messaging, and integrated satellite navigation systems available today.

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