A faddish travel with Airwheel X Series — electric unicycles

Airwheel X series—single-wheeled intelligent scooter, the founding series of Airwheel redefines the current means of transport. Airwheel X series electric intelligent scooters are especially favored by people from all walks of life due to its fashionable design, low-carbon emission and stable performances. Riding unicycle will catch eyeballs and Airwheel is capable of providing the unicycle lovers with transports of high-quality and superior performance.

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Since many of green hands complain the difficulty in learning X series, Airwheel X series is also equipped with auxiliary wheels that can help the green hands to learn riding the sing-wheeled electric scooter safely and easily. Each type of Airwheel electric scooter is specially designed with unique features.

X3 is the first electric unicycle generating colossal popularity for its well-recognized quality and high cost performances. For many consumers, Airwheel X3 is a prior choice since it is economical, resistant to dust, heat and crush, and especially works best for those green-hand unicycle riders. Compared with X3, X8 is an upgraded model with slimmer design and better momentum that contribute to X8 electric unicycle’s outstanding overall performances. It is considered as the most marvelous product in X series for its impeccable performances in all aspects. Apart from its undeniable quality and colossal momentum, single-wheeled electric scooter X8’s 16-inch wheels are advantageous to spanning obstacles and running through the city at ease, specially reflecting royal performance.

With the improving life quality and people’s growing needs for transportation, Airwheel is becoming a smart choice due to the humanized design that integrates high-techs into people’s healthcare and environmentally-friendliness. What’s more, Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter successfully combines entertainment with daily transportation, which improves life quality and the sense of happiness. Airwheel one wheel scooter is particularly attractive for its unparalleled charm like a ballet dancer dancing gracefully on a single-wheel. Its ultra-thin design makes it run flexibly and elegantly, and people cannot resist the temptation to travel with Airwheel X series.

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