Fazio Cleaners is Offering 15% off on Shirt Laundry

Fazio Cleaners, leading Dry Cleaning Company in California now offers a special, 15% discount on shirt cleaning. The company also offers customized corporate discounts.

Leading dry cleaners, Fazio Cleaners now provide a whopping 15% off on shirt laundry services. The company, which offers customized range of dry cleaning, Laundromat, alteration and tailoring services, also offers free pick-up and drop services for laundry. Corporate can avail specialized deals and discounts in at least ten Californian and Nevada regions. Currently, it is also offering 30 percent off on dry cleaning and 25 percent off on alterations as well. Apart from basic Laundromat and dry cleaning facilities, the company also provides specialized cleaning of household items damaged due to flooding, pipe burst, mold, smoke and fire.

The spokesperson elaborated some tips about saving money on shirt cleaning and said, “Avoid buying shirts and linens that only come with ‘dry cleaning’ tag. This can help you save almost $600 on shirt cleaning every year. Similarly, provide shirts and other garments only when you have a full load. This will not just help Fazio Cleaners save energy, but also give us the opportunity to provide you lesser rates for laundry. If not necessarily required, opt for fluff and fold rather than ironing services. This can help save money on garments that don’t require additional ironing. Lastly, avail our special 15% off on shirts for saving money!”

Established in 1947, Fazio Cleaners also offer alterations and tailoring services for individual and corporate clients. It also has specialized spot cleaning services for garments with stains. Laundered products can be starched on preference, pressed and hung as per client’s demands. Wash, fluff and fold services are also available for laundered garments. The company offers information on latest deals and discounts to customers that provide their e-mail ID information.

Fazio dry cleaners also offer cleaning of comforters, delicate draperies and dry cleaning of products damaged by fire, smoke, mold, mildew, pipe burst and floods. Flatwork for table linens and hanging curtains back at home are some of the other services customized for clients. Premium care services, such as cleaning and maintenance of wedding gowns, leather products, suede and fur are also available.
The spokesperson added, “Apart from discounts for shirts, we also have special discounts and custom packages available for corporate clients. Called ‘Corporate Service Program,’ this deal provides employee benefits packages, including discounted prices, special incentives and VIP fabric clothing for cleaning and upkeep of garments.”

For more information and availing special coupon for garment laundry and dry cleaning services, visit for Fazio Cleaners. For pick and delivery services, call the toll free number of your region.

About Fazio Cleaners

Established in 1947, Fazio Cleaners provide laundry and dry cleaning services in California as well as Nevada. The organization has special cleaning and ironing packages along with personalized fluff and fold or hung facilities. It also offers personalized dry cleaning and spot cleaning. Free pickup and delivery services are also available.