OhKuol Adds an Air of Downton Abbey to Their Jewelry Line

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, January 15, 2014 – The critically acclaimed and multi-award winning drama Downton Abbey has become a worldwide phenomenon, bringing the grandeur and elegance of the late Edwardian era to more than just television screens. The influence of this show has found it’s footing in today’s fashion and wedding spheres with a shift to vintage and old-world glamour style. Leading the trend, the jewelry designers at OhKuol have focused on producing pieces with a romantic, vintage elegance. OhKuol’s drop earrings and long necklaces featuring crystals and pearls speak to the Downton Abbey theme, but with a distinct modern twist.

Rainbow Tassel Necklace $189: OhKuol’s fabulously chic rainbow moonstone and pyrite tassel necklace is set on a 14k gold-filled chain and reminiscent of the 1920’s flapper style. The eye-catching sphere is made up of rainbow moonstones set in sterling silver with black rhodium. Accented with glowing peacock blue freshwater pearls and a stunning faceted London blue topaz bead, strands metallic pyrite gemstones give the piece its tasseled effect. The 26” chain makes this necklace a statement piece that could be worn in the front or back.

Heirloom Rings $295: Blue tanzanite is an elegant and beautiful gemstone with a gorgeous shade of violet blue. This ring features a faceted blue tanzanite teardrop gemstone set with sparkling pave diamonds. The ring band is soldered to the back of the stone setting and set in sterling silver with gold. The black rhodium plating and teardrop shape give it that sought-after vintage look.

Pave Diamonds and Druzy Earrings $250: Here is where the old and new world collide, with the elegant and structured top piece of these dangling earrings shifting to incorporate the more natural and organic druzy. The oval purple amethyst stones are set in pave diamonds with a gold and black rhodium plated sterling silver setting. Suspended from these are lilac agate druzy teardrops, with their sparkling rough surfaces in juxtaposition with the formal setting above.

Teardrop Pendants $165: Now this statement piece is really designed to set off the clavicles.A stunning teardrop shaped London blue topaz quartz gemstone is set with pave diamonds in sterling silver with gold plating. The black rhodium plating gives it that vintage feel, as does the striking richness of the blue stone against the gold chain. Just what someone would have worn on the maiden voyage of the Titanic.

Lengthy Fresh Water Pearls $135: Hanging long on a 26” gold plated chain the lavender geode leaf pendant really catches the light. The soft colours of rose pink chalcedony and light purple amethyst gemstones sit just upwards of the main leaf feature, alongside the creamy texture of fresh water pearls. The length, pearls and delicate femininity of this piece harken back to a by gone era, but the sparkle of the geode adds that modern touch.

OhKuol’s collection is available on their website, and in select boutiques across Canada and the USA.

About OhKuol:

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, OhKuol is an enchanting gemstone jewelry line that aims to give back to women. Founded by sisterpreneurs, Vi and Priscilla Phan, the pieces exude a timeless elegance. Their classic and romantic style with an edge celebrates all things sparkly.

Media Contact: Dee Raffo, OhKuol
Ph: 1 (604) 905-0933