3D Scanner Point Cloud Tool for SolidWorks

Nowadays product design today is more of a digital effort. Paperless design has been in practice for about years, but the reality is that though designs can be tested, verified andproved digitally, physical parts and prototypes remain a reality for most manufacturers.Hence capturing data from physical objects and putting them back into the digital model is a crucial part of the design cycle.

Reverse engineering helps users to create a 3D virtual model of an existing physical part that can then be used in 3D CAD, computer-aided manufacturing and other computer-aided engineering applications.

Reverse engineering is the process of discovering the technological principles of a device, object or system through analysis of its structure, function and working. It often involves taking something maybe a electronic component, mechanical device, chemical, biological or organic matter or software programs apart and analyze its workings in detail to be used in maintenance, or to try to make a new device or program that performs the same thing without using or simply repeating the original without any understanding.

Reverse engineering has began in the analysis of hardware for commercial or military advantage. The purpose is to deduce design decisions from end products with little knowledge about the procedures involved in the original production. The same techniques are then being researched for application to legacy software systems, not for only industrial or defense ends, but rather to replace incomplete ,incorrect or otherwise unavailable documentation

More manufacturers are using reverse engineering to their product developing efforts, in part, because the costs of the scanners and other hardware used to input measurements have reduced dramatically in price. At the same time the hardware has become smaller and easier to use. has shortly began new add-in software that will make it easier for SolidWorks users to transform dense scanned data into applicable SolidWorks 3D geometry. This feature-based 3D scanning point cloud tool is fully assembled inside the SolidWorks 2014 modeling engine. Thissoftware’s scan tools include features the ability to thin and then cut cross-section through point clouds and construct feature tree surfaces in real time, along with 2D/3D features and complex 3D shapes. is the first SolidWorks partner to amalgamate support for commercial off-the-shelf 3D scanners. At a recent SolidWorks World event, the company demonstrated 3D scanning pump impellers, sports helmets, human faces and processed the data in real time. The on-demand work-flow simplifies end user need of working with dense point clouds in Solidworks both Standard or Premuim.

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