Bottleshake app allows you to meet 1 to 3 people nearby at Yelp-listed cafes and bars. Choose business, social, or dating.

San Francisco, CA - Who do you want to meet for coffee today?  Bottleshake allows users to meet at Yelp-listed cafés, bars, and wineries.   The “meeting people” iOS app (Android soon) creates connections for your choice of business, social, or dating.  

How does it work?  Post a drink meeting by selecting a time in the next 5 days, meeting spot, number of people, and an intent:  business, social, or dating.  Users can search attendee profiles of posted shakes with keywords such as “photographer,” "UCSF," "Dreamforce," and/or “Sociology105."  If someone is interested in attending your meeting at Philz Coffee, she will tap "join shake."   You then accept or pass on the request after reviewing her Shaker profile.  Shakers may also connect their LinkedIn profile for others to view.  Features such as Map View and Filters make shakes searchable, allowing you to find people you are interested in meeting.  College students can have lattes with their UC Berkeley and San Francisco State classmates at the closest café.  Conference attendees can connect with other industry professionals after the trade show.    

 Why cafes and bars?  Sitting down for coffee is a minimally invasive commitment. Users can facilitate the 2 to 4-person meeting close to work or home.  Bottleshake creates people connections with a diligently crafted user experience.  Professional and personal meetings are a cup of coffee away.