Announcing New EPOS System- Point of Sales is here Singapore-The Best POS Solutions for Your Business

Singapore 588179, Singapore, March 13, 2014:  EPOS is pleased to announce to Singaporeans that EPOS Singapore is a powerful and premium, Point of Sale (POS) system and software for retail stores. With the launch of this new Point of Sales (POS) System in Singapore that is exclusively designed for use by retail stores, Retail POS offers advantages to retail store owners.


Indeed, EPOS offers a host of benefits to all its users. Firstly, with EPOS customers are guaranteed the best customer service and have the firm assurance that every day, emails will be responded to within 1-3 hours. This in itself makes it a superior product. Its mere existence and use, apart from being timely are also much needed. EPOS clients are also guaranteed that the benefits do not end there but they only get better.

Secondly, EPOS records are well-documented. This is because all of its documentation is inclusive of explanations for all of its Point of Sales Systems allowing customers much needed peace of mind and the assurance of transparency.


Thirdly, EPOS is also synonymous with fast quality service. With fast quality service it means that they will always deliver on time and will both respond quickly and also quickly attend to any POS systems breakdown emergency which may arise.


Last, but no means least, EPOS guarantees its clients that it will always offer them the best pricing which they can. This is because EPOS is also very committed to constantly working to cut its customers cost as much as they can.


Retail POS is being well received in Singapore. “We needed a POS solution that was low price, user-friendly, efficient, and reliable, but one that also offered a partnership of support. We have chosen EPOS System,” says Andrew TK of Blue Wave Retail.


According to Paul Simon of Fun Pedal in recent correspondence to EPOS, “I’m very happy with your services and POS system. It makes our daily sales easy to manage.”


All retail owners need to do is to choose the correct POS system they want to install, place the order, allow the installation and assembly process of the POS system and software, and then allow testing to ensure the POS system is in perfect working condition bearing in mind that delivery will be always within 3 days. Don’t wait! Invest in EPOS’s Retail POS today!


About EPOS: EPOS is in the business of making retail POS systems. EPOS’s retail POS system is one which is incredibly straightforward and easy to use. EPOS provides the growing needs of the economy in creating and nourishing enterprises with the surging demands for an effective point of sales and inventory tracking system that provides comprehensive reports and information that are crucial for cash flow monitoring, business and marketing planning as well as important corporate decisions. Its success is driven by its team members and their unrelenting focus to delivering optimal results backed by strong quality control on all deliverables whether they are standalone or full turnkey solutions.


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