E3 Acquires Stake In Instant Water Technologies, Purchases Marketing Firm, Originare

1888PressRelease - E3 launches into market through acquisition of intellectual property and marketing capabilities in the environmental technology and services market. Initial focus on frack water processing and remediation.

Memphis, TN-AR-MS - E3 Services and Solutions Inc. ( has acquired an equity position in Instant Water Technologies, LLC (IWT: which provides water reclamation technology. The same transaction included the purchase of marketing firm, Originare, which was also owned by Michael DelGrosso.

E3 will work to develop and further commercialize key technologies created by IWT for water reclamation projects in the oil & gas industry, mining services and industrial pollution. E3 will also work on research and development projects in conjunction with its partners which includes Eco Industrial parks and Remediation centers announced earlier and across coastal and inland port operations.

Mark A. Skoda, CEO of E3 stated, "The vision we began with was to procure and commercialize best in class technologies and innovation while brining that technology to market quickly in industrial applications. The integration of a funding platform together with a number of technology partners represent an innovative approach to our solution. The world class leadership and inventors we are working with provide a unique opportunity to benefit our clients, the environment and of course people."

Michael DelGrosso, Marketing Director of IWT & President of Originare commented, "I would like to take the opportunity to say that I am looking forward to the relationship with E3. Their vision as a hub for clean technologies is perfectly aligned with the vision I set out upon with IWT and my firm, Originare. This acquisition will allow us to accelerate time to market and create a platform to market to other verticals within the E3 business ecosystem."

The relationship includes a joint business development effort while focusing on the manufacturing to deployment in an asset intensive industry. Integrating world class logistics along with these solutions enhances efficiency while also ensuring optimal use and deployment to the client sites as a mobile response to their reclamation requirements.

Skoda went on to say that, "We understand the broader needs of the market and are aggressively developing our technology portfolio while also developing business units to provide services to our clients. Our acquisition plan includes licensing agreements and the development of our own patents focused around the water matrix. These investments provide for rapid development and deployment which may provide asset value and dividends for our shareholders."

About E3 Services and Solutions LLC
E3 Services and Solutions Inc. ( is designed to source innovation and spur innovation through rapid industrialization and policy adoption of FFH technologies while mitigating disruptive process changes to business and the eco-system. E3 operations and services are .ECT (Environmentally Conscious Technologies) certified.

For more information, contact Mark A. Skoda at 901.277.4968.