LCD Industrial monitor from AXNEW DISPLAY have more strictly quality requirement than traditional industrial monitor

China - Among all of these LCD monitors products, the Industrial monitor should be most unique one. As the application in industrial areas, the LCD Industrial LCD monitor should have many high requirements. Today, famous China Open frame monitor and industrial monitor manufacturer AXNEW DISPLAY will introduce with people unique advantages of the INDUSTRIAL LCD MONITOR.


The good visibility should be a highlight of LCD industrial monitor. Within the application of industrial area, the industrial displaying products need to support clear and precise visual effects from multiple perspectives in a bright environment. In fact, most industrial environments are surrounded by the highly bright environment so visibility should be the challenge of industrial monitor manufacturer.

Resolution and Size

Size and resolution of the industrial monitor of LCD type also play very crucial role in the overall readability. In general, 6.5, 8.4, 10.4, 12.1 and 15-inch LCD are mostly used in industrial applications. These dimensions are very helpful for viewing the number of the signal waveform or other graphical data and these devices could not take too much places and rooms. People could view official website of AXNEW DISPLAY to know detailed information about these LCD industrial monitors.

Sustainability and Dependability

The industrial monitors need to have good resistance to outside temperature changes and vibration. This is the first factor which the purchaser needs to consider if they want to purchase the Open frame monitor for industrial using. The monitor must be flexible enough to prevent mechanical impact or collision from other operators and it must also be able to cope with a variety of operating temperatures. Compared to traditional CRT screen, the LCD industrial monitors should be more resistant to temperature change, vibration and impact.


When people select for the industrial monitor that will be used for manufacturing environment, people should also consider other characteristics. For example, people should ensure the minimized down time which is very critical for the LCD monitors. On the other hand, the Industrial applications also require the display has very long life cycle. When the manufacturer is no longer manufacture certain models of the displaying monitor, new monitors should be able to match the existing containers rather than asked to redesign the entire system.

The industrial monitor from famous China LCD screen manufacturer and supplier AXNEW DISPLAY could totally meet with all factors before. Each client who already read this article could view their official website and get contact with their customer service to know more about their high quality products . Their high quality and suitable price must meet with each people¡¯s need.


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