(TRAVPR.COM) UK - January 30th, 2014 - Appealing to those with a sense of adventure (as well as a sense of humour) this new trip offers an alternative way to spend the February weekend – and involves getting friendly with a wolf, no less!

Spend Valentine’s weekend enjoying close encounters with wolves at a polar park and hunting down the Northern Lights on a spectacular night-time boat ride. With an expert guide to call the wolves with his human howl, let the majestic animals come up and give you their sign of acceptance and friendship, with a good sniff, lick and a kiss.

When night falls, head away from light pollution, and out into the pitch-black Arctic Archipelago on a night-time Aurora RIB hunt. The Gulf Stream lessens the chill in these parts, but you’ll be provided with warm gear to keep you snug as you travel across the Arctic waters. The White Circle’s the first UK tour operator to offer Northern Lights hunting in this guise. Break up the hunting with dinner at a waterside cabin, complete with large windows for optimum Aurora viewing.