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Highly acclaimed, all-inclusive pool construction and maintenance company highlights offers for pool coping using marble, travertine



WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., July 9, 2014 – Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches, serving the Palm Beach Community since 1987, is well known as a go-to full-service swimming pool and spa construction, renovation, and repair and service company. Among its many services including, but not limited to, remodeling and resurfacing for both pools and decks, the company is currently featuring services for pool coping utilizing marble and travertine.


Pool coping is essential to protecting a pool’s exterior from water. If installed correctly, pool coping will drain the pool water away from the pool into proper drainage areas.


“There is an art and science involved in creating a beautiful and functional pool and deck area,” Barbara Williams of Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches said. “Think of it as the finishing touch to the pool. It is placed around the edge of the pool on top of the bean and serves in both practical ways and style.”


Pool coping comes in a variety of materials that can blend or contrast with decking. Blending provides a seamless transition while contrasting material creates architectural interest and isolates the pool in a creative way. The most common materials used for pool coping include natural stone, such as travertine or marble, concrete pavers or brick.


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Pool Doctor of Palm Beach offers extensive pool coping service


The ancient Greeks and Romans used marble in a multitude of buildings and sculptures that are still in use today. Marble has a natural look and feel and withstands both time and water. Dependent upon the exact material used, it can be slip resistant, making it extra beneficial to houses with children.


“Marble is symbol of luxury and elegance,” Williams said. “It gives you a timeless and elegant feel tor your pool and deck. Imagine walking into your backyard and being greeted with the smooth, clean lines of deliberately placed cream marble tiles.”


If a client likes the look and natural feel of marble, but prefers a more cost-effective option, travertine is the ideal material.


“Travertine is another material that has been used for centuries to great effect,” Williams said. “It is a natural stone similar to marble and granite. The key difference is how it’s formed, which is in hot stones and limestone caves.”


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