Guide Provides the Answers to Call Center Resources Crisis

Keeping pace with fast-changing customer expectations are pushing organisations to their limits. And now the cracks are showing - noticeably in contact centers. That's the worrying evidence highlighted in a new e-guide from PSS Help. But there's good news too. The guide identifies ways for companies to become super-responsive and highly innovative without piling on extra costs.

Written for business executives and contact center operators, the PSS Resources Guide identifies a growing problem: Contact center innovation can stall and maintenance costs can escalate, despite a willingness within the boardroom to take action.

"Many enterprises recognise the need for voice calls, web chat, social media and app support to be integrated within a central hub. They also want existing systems working at optimal levels - so they don't risk losing business from customers. But companies just don't have people with the right skills to deliver what's required," says Tony Porter, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer at PSS. 

The e-guide highlights six areas where problems are most acute, triggering soaring costs and lost revenues. The pain is felt most keenly when fully-funded programs are paralyzed or fail to face proper testing standards. Unplanned issues with existing systems and finger-pointing among vendors also heighten the pain. Meanwhile, costs accelerate as companies turn in desperation to short-term help from consultants.

PSS points to research from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation that says 93 per cent of companies are working at or close to their limit, halting their ability to take on new business without expanding their workforce. Meanwhile, the e-guide says IDG and the Economist Intelligence Unit reckon that finding skilled resources will continue to be a challenge for companies in 2015.

With this in mind, the e-guide urges companies to look outside their walls. The answer isn't to outsource to IT giants either, but to look to contact center integration specialists that have the greatest range of skilled and experienced staff, says the e-guide. It gives 10 examples where the pressure can be relieved with the right kind of support, from managing BAU activities to migration expertise.

 "By taking this approach, companies can augment their own in-house resources in a cost-effective way, delivering new solutions - and achieving a surprising amount of innovation from older systems - while keeping everything stable," adds (name). "In such a dynamic, customer-driven marketplace, it makes good business sense in every respect."

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