Ashley Borrero Preparing For Big 2014

Ashley Borrero, the rising Tejano-Pop singer, who was given the "Tejano Idol" crown not long ago, is putting the wraps on a very busy and good year for her. But as she prepares to close 2013 she is also hard at work getting ready to make next year even bigger, including with the release of her very first recordings.

"I am so happy with how my career has been progressing," Borrero said. "But there is so much more I am looking forward to doing and I think I am at the stage now where I am ready to put out my first songs. Up to now I have been doing a lot of performing and singing live but next year I am going into the booth. I can't wait."

Borrero has indeed been busy performing and gaining fans every time she steps to the microphone. Among the venues and events in which she has performed was the Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair in San Antonio, Texas. This year she also joined up with Angel Gonzalez, another Tejano Idol contestant, and became the lead backup vocalist for his popular band, Angel Y Vimana.

While Borrero is clearly one of Tejano music's hottest young stars, her sights go beyond this genre as well. Indeed, she prefers to refer to her personal music style as Tejano-Pop, and is likely to follow a career path similar to one of her idols, Selena, who also started with Tejano before angling towards more of a Pop sound, with clear Tejano roots fused in. Borrero, similarly loves Tejano and expects she will always sing the style. But she knows she also loves Pop music and wants to show just how good she is in that category as well.

Ashley Borrero is definitely a name to remember, with a voice worth listening to. 2014 may well be the year she breaks out in a big way. For more on her go to