ShampooMATE Turns Any Household Sink Into A Shampoo Bowl; Houston-Based Inventors Set To Revolutionize Home Hair Care With New Product

HOUSTON, TX, JULY 23, 2014---ShampooMATE, the premier product that turns any household sink into a "shampoo bowl", is the brainchild product of Houston-based inventors, Tracey & Xavius Parker.

The husband and wife duo came up with the idea of developing a comfortable pillowed neck rest with an accompanying soft mat for kids, based on years of struggle to take care of the hair of their growing daughters at home on "Wash Days". 

 After scrapping several prototypes, they came up with the perfect design for comfort and structure and soon, ShampooMATE was born!

Designed specifically to alleviate back discomfort and neck strain during the shampooing, conditioning and rinsing phase when caring for all hair types at home, the Parkers plan to fill a need that's currently missing in the haircare market for children with their invention.

"As a mommy, I knew that we were on to something once "Wash Days" with my youngest daughters went off without a hitch while using ShampooMATE," said Parker. "No more "ouches" from them or pulling away from straining to hold up their necks over the sink. For me, no more tired back pains or long hours of maneuvering with one hand. For all of us, "Wash Days" became smooth, relaxing and fun again thanks to ShampooMATE!

The ingenious product, which comes in 6 colors, intrigued the producers of Shark Tank earlier this year at the 2014 SXSW Conference in Austin, TX, as ShampooMATE traveled to try out for the Austin auditions.

In addition, ShampooMATE has already been featured and highlighted in a business article by the Wall Street Journal, the only potential Shark Tank candidates to catch the eye of WSJ writers during 2014 SXSW.

The Parkers know the value of authenticity, adding value but also solving a problem with their latest product. 

"We know from having three daughters how expensive and costly the upkeep and maintenance of their hair can be in today's economic climate,  especially since all of us are natural.  As one of the inventors of ShampooMATE, I wanted to make something that was economical, could ease household budgets when it came to haircare and is made right here in the USA," stated Parker.


ShampooMATE retails for $29.99, click HERE for your online purchase!



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