They are undefeated with Curry in the NBA games

They are undefeated with Curry in  NBA 2K17 MT Coins  , though not unblemished. Four of their five games 

against the Blazers gave way to late-game suspense. Maybe this was to be expected as the Blazers' 

guard combo of Lillard and C.J. McCollum (and their solid coach Terry Stotts) matches up well 

against Golden State.

"I think this prepared us for the next round," said Thompson. "We know what's right before us."

Curry Seals The Deal

Stephen Curry hits another triple to put the Warriors up by five.

Finishing off the Blazers in five granted the Warriors a five-day furlough, time to be spent 

resting and healing up to prepare for the survivor of the semifinal series/brass knuckle brawl 

between the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder. While this shouldn't be taken as a slight 

to the friskier-than-expected Blazers, the Warriors are about to see a significant step-up in 


"Anytime you win a series, you're just relieved and then you move on and at that point you have a 

brand new set of challenges," said Warriors coach Steve Kerr. "So this was a great series and I'm 

happy we pulled through. Now we'll get a little rest and see what happens on the other side of  ."