Advantages of community living

There was a time when a majestic residential villa with huge manicured lawns and a sprawling driveway used to be the dream home. However, times are changing. With families being inclined to the nuclear set up, there is more apartment, townships and community development. A society or township guarded by a boundary wall with basic amenities is preferred today’s scenario.

There are other advantages as well:

1. The wheels of time have brought us to a point when apartments and flats are no longer only for the middle class. Today, gated communities and townships have some very luxurious, comfortable flats with great views. Huge French windows, artistic arched gateways and textured walls are just some of the features of these apartments today. Along with this, most of these gated communities also have provisions like 24-hour water and power back up, which makes living here worthwhile.

2. Most residential apartments come with fully automated entrance systems. They often have an intercom through which the resident confirms the arrival of a guest, only after which the gates are opened. Many even have telephone-operated gates, which add to the security measures. These societies are often bordered by huge walls that make them a completely different entity from the nearby areas.

3. A gated community ensures that its residents don’t feel the need to step out for anything. Gymnasiums and swimming pools were a common feature of these communities, but now these also come with mini supermarkets and vegetable stores and more recreation facilities. There are also many community activities, like yoga or various summer programmes, held to foster relationships amongst residents.

4. A major feature of a flat or an apartment in such a community is that there are very few houses that are put up for sale. This makes the establishment more attractive. Also, the buildings within such set- ups have strict building codes and maintenance rules; this ensures that the houses are in good condition. This appreciates the value of a development to a great extent.

5. It is just a misconception that flats in these gated communities are very expensive and therefore out of range. Nowadays, there are all kinds of gated communities and it is easy to match requirements with budgets. Also, as many of them come with basic amenities, so the start-up cost of an apartment gets considerably reduced.